Life Songs: Telling Our Stories through Conversation and Music / 生命之歌: 唱出我們的故事

Seniors who are interested in singing and sharing your stories are welcome to join this popular program. Led by an experienced teacher, the program will bring seniors together to sing classic songs and share their stories.

When: Fri, 11-12:30pm
Where: LMNH



誠邀喜歡歌唱和分享故事的長者參加 這個活動。長者們會聚集在一起分享 自己的故事經歷,學唱一些與討論內 容相關的英文歌曲。參加本活動的長 者需要具備基本的英文會話水平。

时间:星期五 11:00-12:30